Bath tub

It is special bathtub with classic style. It is made from copper sheets that is forged, welded and carved to make it is unique and special. One end is enlarged to bring the more comfortable and enjoyable bathing. The feet are lamb leg form carved with wings ornament to bring the classic looked. As an art product, its manufacturing process is done manually by skillful craftsman. It is more than bath up to hold water where person can lie down and soak his body in warm and soapy water. It is an art staff that will bring the room to the classic, elegance and luxury theme.

Length : 180 cm
Width   : 90 cm
Depth   : 60 cm

The special finish is used for this product to enliven the art and classical looked. The inside part is finished in natural copper color with small pattern hammering. The outside part is chemically finished with antique black color. The whole surface is coated with special clear coating to keep the color and looked last for forever.
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