The metal crafts Industry in Tumang, Cepogo, Boyolali

Tumang, Cepogo, Boyolali, is a small village at the north east of Mount Merapi slope. It is located between Solo and Semarang city, about 30 km at the west form Solo and about 100 km to the south east from Semarang. This area is well known as the center for the metal craft industry. The peoples in this area have ​​expertise and high skill in crafting and carving metal. They got the expertise to hereditary since hundreds of years ago, supposedly from the Mataram kingdom. Until now the people in this area are born to craft the metal. Various metal crafts products ranging from utensils such as frying, pan, saucepan, bucket, to the art products such as: souvenir, lamp, table, or even tower from metal can be produced here. 

There are three types of metal which are most used here: brass, copper and aluminum. The metallic materials sheet, rod or stem are processed by the skilled hand into a wide variety of products. The handicraft products have been shipped to many places in Indonesia even are exported to many countries. The process is doing manually with simple tool such as : hammer, welding, cutting machine and other manual tool. But with the expertise and high skill craftsmen, wide range metal craft products can be made from the small staff such as: souvenirs, vas, bowl, to the big staff such as table, statue and even tower.  The products has more value as artistic staff as they are made by hand. And they are have big flexibility to make special products with any models and form in a small volume.

Located in the high land, with cold temperature is big advantage since it provides the ideal climate to process the metal products such as: welding or burning. Instead of doing the metal, the residents here work as farmers and ranchers. This is the perfect combination, because they can still can looked after the plants and livestock, while carving the metal. 

Few decade ago the craftsmen here were doing their business traditionally; just rely to their instinct expertise. Because of that, most of them often had problems with the consistency, quality and delivery schedules. But with the growing demands of modern industry, most of them have started to apply modern management and production system in running this business. Thus, they are more reliably to handle many projects that require consistency in quality and schedule.